Customer specific plant for technical heat treatment

Over the years Fornax A/S has delivered customer specific solutions for technical heat treatment to the whole of Europe and to the USA, Egypt, Malaysia, China, Russia and Japan. The solution is prepared in accordance with the customer's needs and in close collaboration with the customer. Construction and production of the system takes place at the factory in Silkeborg, where
the solution is tried and tested under conditions similar to operation and in the presence of the customer before dispatch.

The composite and multicellular glass industries are two of Fornax's focus areas. Unique solutions, which optimize the customer's production, are developed for these industries in close cooperation with the customer.

Moreover we have a programme of standard industrial ovens whose design can be very flexibly adapted to individual areas of application. We thus provide ovens for tempering springs (conveyour and batch ovens), rotation casting ovens, shrink ovens and tempering and annealing ovens.

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